Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Buy American!

A lot of drug cartel weaponry comes from the United States. This would seem a relatively uncontroversial statement - the inevitable result of the world's largest gun bazaar being right next to the some of the world's most gun-hungry gangs, just as the world's largest consumer of drugs being next to one of the world's largest suppliers means a lot of America's drugs come from Mexico - but the Guns Are Awesome crowd seems determined to debunk it.

We admit the actual statistics are elusive and complicated, but here's a nice, simple one: 100 percent of the guns that have killed American border and immigration officials in the last three months have come from the US.

A powerful military-style handgun used in the attack that killed an American federal agent in Mexico and wounded his partner earlier this month had been purchased by a weapons-trafficking ring in the Dallas area, federal officials said Monday.

The fierce-looking gun, which fires 7.62 mm rounds, similar to the type of bullets used an AK-47 rifle, was reportedly recovered at the scene of the Feb. 15 shooting and traced back to a man in the city of Lancaster, just outside of Dallas

Oops. And then there was this, from a few months back:
In a sign of the cost of widespread U.S. weapons smuggling into Mexico, federal law enforcement sources have confirmed that two guns, part of a series of purchases that were being monitored by authorities, were found at the scene of the firefight that killed a U.S. Border Patrol agent in southern Arizona.

Fortunately, Congress is now in the hands of the Republicans who - unlike those squishy, illegal-alien-lovin' Dems - will do everything in their power to protect our brave and heroic border-guardians.

The House voted overwhelmingly Friday to block the Obama administration from implementing a controversial proposal meant to give federal authorities a new tool to catch gunrunners to Mexico.

The proposed rule was strongly opposed by the National Rifle Association, which praised the House for taking the action.

Oops. Well, at least they're protecting retail-sector jobs. That's something.

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