Friday, March 25, 2011

Clearly, He Didn't Watch "Machete" All The Way Through

Today's El Universal has a series of pictures on the front page of a border patrol agent menacing an illegal immigrant with a machete. The twist is that the agent is Mexican and the wetback is a Honduran woman swimming across the river on Mexico's southern border.

For the country with the world's largest percentage of its population living in other countries, Mexico can have some surprisingly... Arizonan attitudes towards immigrants. We don't just mean this incident above - hell, that's just garden-variety abuse-of-power, and quite mild by Mexican standards. But according to a recent survey, 66% of Mexicans agree that illegal aliens should be deported. Forty percent would not want to live with a foreigner. And before we take personal offense, "foreigner" almost certainly doesn't mean "gringo." The survey says that Americans and Spaniards are the most respected nationalities here - if you want Mexicans to love you, just colonize and enslave them, plunder their riches and then steal half their country in a war - while only 36% have favorable views of Guatemalans, and 40% are happy to allow law enforcement to racially profile Central Americans. (This last one make us genuinely curious, since [at the risk of offending everyone involved] we have no idea how that would work.)

Anyway, the north-of-the-Rio-Bravo anti-immigrant crowd will surely point to this as a sign of unforgivable hypocrisy on Mexico's part, and we're inclined to agree. But since the woman in the pictures above was almost certainly planning to dry off and catch a freight train to the Failed State of Arizona, it seems to us they should be applauding, since the machete-wielding INM agent is simply saving the Minutemen the trouble of doing the same thing a few weeks later.

Oh, the story on the left is about how the US Border Patrol allowed guns to be smuggled into Mexico, including the same type of "ICE Breaker" pistols used to gun down one of their Homeland Security brethren earlier this year, etc., etc., blah, blah, blah...


Anonymous said...

I agree with you, there is a lot of hipocrasy, I can recall two cases in Queretaro:
An Ecuatorian family arrived to the city and started to get some work as carpenters, they were good workers and nice people, they started to get a good life, and decided to stay here instead of going north, but a jelous neighbor call "la migra" because the Ecuatorians were having a better life than them.
The other case were to Salvadoreños that worked as construction workers in La joya, building and repairing houses, they got paid as all other workers, but they started to work extra time, and the boss liked that, also the people on the houses asked for them because they were good workers, the other workers call "la migra" on them and were expeled from the country, when asked why they (the others) call on them they told us that ot was because they (salvadoreños) leave less work for them and make them look bad in their own country.

So I concluded, the ones complaining of foreigners are lazy uneducated people who belive they deserve more just because, and that anyone from elsewhere does not deserve anything no matter how nice, educated and hardworker is.

Anonymous said...

I used to have the same look (Photo #3) when my mother caught me with my hands in the the cookie jar.

Manos en la masa, jejejeje

La Mosca said...

Forget the hypocracy of Mexican Immigration laws.

What about the murder, rape and extortion of immigrants as they travel thru Mexico?

Burro Hall said...

Not to mention the abuse and exploitation the face when they make it to El Norte. I think the morale of the story is that there are probably worse things to be than a Central American immigrant, but not too many.