Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Day of the Buey, Güey!

Our antipathy - no, make that outright hostility - towards the Virgen del Pueblito is no secret, but we have to admit we found this account of the first day of her annual festival (which we've never attended, though it's just 6 miles away) to be kind of charming.

The eight-day festival opens with the Día del Buey - Day of the Ox - in which a pair of oxen are paraded through the streets "to give thanks to the Virgin for the blessings bestowed upon the town during the year." This probably made more sense when the festival first began back in 1736 - virtually every square inch of El Pueblito is paved over now - but the fact that they still do it is kind of admirable, and we respect the reckless disregard for public safety involved in marching a pair of oxen through city streets.

Along the way, the oxen "are adorned with onions, multi-colored tortillas," carrots, tomatoes, heads of lettuce and other vegetables. This is probably the ox's first sign that this is going to end badly.


Sure enough, the following day is called (this is true) "Día del Caldo" - Day of the Ox Stew. Sadly, we didn't read about this until the day after Stew Day, so we can't tell you much about how the oxen go from parade floats to lunch meat, but we want it imagine that it looks something like this.

We're marking this one on the calendar for 2012.

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Dave said...

Sounds like an interesting event...though not for the ox. Wondering if they remember some bags of salt?