Monday, March 14, 2011

Flag Waving

As all Mexican school kids and a handful of particular attentive American ones know, the United States and Mexico butted heads repeatedly over a period of about a decade and a half in the 1830s and '40s. The result was that the US walked away with about 525,000 square miles of Mexican territory, comprising what is today Texas, New Mexico, The Failed State of Arizona, Nevada, California, Utah and parts of Colorado and Wyoming, while Mexico got a flag from the Alamo and another reason to feel victimized.

So with relations between the two countries growing more agitated by the day, and Mexico mired in a murderous quagmire of a drug war, you'll be happy to know that in the interest of improving bilateral relations, Texas wants Mexico to give the flag back.

Houston Rep. John Zerwas knows he's only the latest in a long line of Texas politicians hoping to bring home a famous flag that flew at the Battle of the Alamo.

For nearly 80 years, Texans have unsuccessfully negotiated with the Mexican government to reclaim the New Orleans Greys flag, the only remaining banner known to have flown at the legendary fight 175 years ago.

So what's different in 2011?

Not a whole lot, actually.

"But what we know for sure is that if we don't ask, it won't happen," said Zerwas, a Republican.

He filed a bill last week that would encourage Gov. Rick Perry to work with Mexican officials to - at the very least - bring the flag to Texas on a temporary basis.

It's probably not even worth pointing out that Mexico, y'know, won the Battle of the Alamo. But regardless, Zerwas knows he needs to work fast. When Texas secedes later this year, it's likely to take Mexico a while to establish diplomatic relations and exchange ambassadors, and by then, who knows where those crafty Messicans will have hidden his flag.


Anonymous said...

All Rick Perry needs to do is call it the Texas flag, since all he needs to do to get Juarez back into the US is call it the most dangerous city in the US. Wonder who will run the country of Texas?

Anonymous said...

Mexican Nazis

Mexfiles said...

I don't have a copy now, but one of Molly Ivin's books talked about a similar scheme to "borrow" the flag (and keep it) back during George W. Bush's reign in Austin.

Rich Texans are even weirder than normal Texans... when Enrique de la Peña's manuscript surfaced (de la Peña being a Mexican Army engineer who was at the Alamo, and whose account decided differs from that in the "official" Texas version) rich Texans attempted to buy the manuscript and destroy it. Failing that, they hired a private eye to prove it was a forgery. Failing that, they tried to discredit Carmen Perry — the librarian for the Daughters of the Texas Revolution — who translated and edited the manuscript.