Thursday, March 10, 2011

Honor Among Thieves

Parents and students at the 18 de Marzo elementary school in Naucalpan, Mex., arrived a couple mornings ago to find a Jeep parked in front, with a headless body behind the wheel and, coincidentally enough, a bodiless head resting on the dashboard.  Accompanying this gruesome tableau was an explanatory note:

My name is Iván Cruz and this happened to me for working with La Familia Michoacana and for extorting business owners by falsely claiming the I am "La Mano con Ojos" ["The Hand With Eyes"]. Let us all be clear about one thing: La Mano con Ojos doesn’t kidnap or use extortion to make his money, and whoever does so in my plaza will get what's coming to them.


La Mano con Ojos

Yes, let us all be perfectly clear: Sr. Hand-With-Eyes would never resort to kidnapping or extortion just to make a buck. That's the kind of behavior that gives Mexico a bad name, and HWE won't stand for anyone sullying his reputation like that. And just to make sure everyone gets the message that he's an honorable, non-kidnapping, non-extorting gentleman, he sawed a man's head off and dumped is body in front of an elementary school.

We're glad there's a code of ethics around here, even if we don't understand it all the time.

[Original article here, contains photograph of severed head.]


Anonymous said...

About ATF sending guns to Mexico.

Anonymous said...

It's good that these kids learn the right way to do things early. With all that damn national anthem singing, this may be the only education they get all day.

Jan Brewer said...

I wonder how many head-less bodies were found at FSOA schools?

Burro Hall said...

The real Jan Brewer would say hundreds, but it's probably zero. The brainless-graduate rate, though, is up around 85%.