Friday, March 11, 2011

Livability Survey: Querétaro vs. Japan

We admit, it's a toss-up.


Anonymous said...

Queretaro vs Bern? Porquoi pas?

Sign me LREWH & etc (Loyal Reader with Eyes, With Head, & etc)

P.S. Please take into account differences in dog-owner policy.

I Must Be Crazy To Live In Mexico said...

The recent killings that made your blog didn't make this list? Then again, maybe it was just a fluke.

Burro Hall said...

They were in the original draft but the Japanese Yakuza canceled them out.

Mexfiles said...

With the reactor meltdown in Japan, giant radioactive lizards may not be out of the picture yet. Machete v Godzilla... now there's a thought, though I'd prefer to see El Santo contra Godzilla