Monday, March 14, 2011

Mujeres Asesinas

If we were looking for a tagline for this site, "The Hyena of Querétaro" would definitely be on the short list. So we were disappointed to learn that this phrase had already been taken by a local woman, Claudia Mijangos Arzac, 22 years ago. Actually, it was bestowed on her by the press after she decided one night, for no reason that she ever managed to explain, to butcher her three young children to death with a kitchen knife. In other words, she'd probably be willing to let us use it if we asked.

Unfortunately, the Discovery Channel's Latin American division beat us to it, and tonight "La Hiena de Querétaro: The Claudia Mijangos Story" airs as part of the "Instinto Asesino" series.

The Hyena is still caged up, but owing to the weirdness of local laws that make it almost impossible to condemn someone's property, her house/scene of the crime at c. Hacienda Vegil 408, in Colonia Jardines de la Hacienda, has sat abandoned and unsecured since 1989. Wandering through the 'haunted' ruins and posting the video on YouTube seems to be a popular pastime with the kids these days.


Anonymous said...

wow, that's a really big house! it looks like it used to be a beautiful home, too. too bad it's graffittoed all over and ruined now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, we had The Amityville Horror.