Monday, March 07, 2011

Presumed Copyrighted

We told you yesterday to cancel your plans and watch Presunto Culpable, and now look what's happened:

Mr. Hernandez has an indisputable right to enforce his copyright, and as an organization with an audio/visual division of our own, we can understand where he's coming from here. In fact, we are contributing US$100 to RENACE - his designated nonprofit recipient of the film's Mexican ticket sales - to offset whatever damage may have been done by people watching it on our site rather than in theaters. (Nor will we link to any of the other full versions of the film currently floating around online, which we discovered via a Google Video search for the film's title among videos longer than 20 minutes.)

But we think we're paying the filmmakers a tremendous compliment when we say that the mere act of getting it in front of as many eyes as possible, both inside and outside Mexico, will do far, far more to further his goal of judicial reform than RENACE, or anyone else, will be able to do with a million bucks. It's that powerful. Making it harder for people who might not live near a theater where it's currently playing to see it seems incredibly shortsighted to us.

    Update: ...especially now that it's been pulled from Mexican theaters.

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