Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Presumed Guilty Pleasure

First they came for Presumed Guilty, and I did not speak out, because I was not sitting in a Mexican prison for a crime I didn't commit. Then they came for El Santo's naked she-vampire movie, and I did speak out, because, darn it, I like naked she-vampire movies.

Showing of Mexico 'Santo' Wrestler Movie Canceled

The iconic Mexican wrestler "Santo" never took off his mask. But some of the villains in one of his movies took off a lot more than that. And it's causing a controversy about the sometimes cheesy but always heroic 1960s film star.

The Son of Santo is also a wrestler and he says release of the previously undistributed scenes could hurt his deceased father's image.

Guadalajara film festival director Ivan Trujillo says the restored scenes from the movie "Santo and the Treasure of Dracula" show topless female vampires.

The footage was found by a descendant of the film's producer the festival planned to show the movie in its entirety.

Trujillo says the showing was called off due to the son's protests.


Dave said...

You know, you get to a point in life when you think you've seen everything, but somehow there's something new around the corner.

Naked she-vampires was totally unexpected, not even in my best adolescent fantasies. I'm inspired to go on living, though saddened that I won't likely find a copy....

Hugh Hefner said...

What, no remarks about boobs?!?