Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Querétaro: Slugging Our Way To The Top

Congratulations, Querétaro! You're the wife-beatingest state on the whole Republic of Mexico! According to the Centro Nacional de Vigilancia Epidemiológica - sort of Mexico's CDC - there have been 430 reported cases of domestic violence in the first two months of the year. That's apparently second only to Guanajuato's 620, but since Guanjuato has three times the population of Querétaro, We're Number One! (Sorry, baby, didn't mean to make you flinch...I was just throwing up my arms in victory, that's all.)

This story is another example of the difficulty in obtaining accurate data here, despite Mexicans' obsessive love of statistics. (Seriously. The same newspaper has articles on Querétaro's one million Catholics; eight bishops; 35,000 equinox tourists; and 45 traffic accidents, and in none of these articles is the statistic an incidental fact - rather, it's the whole point of the story.) If you want to read the actual Centro Nacional de Vigilancia Epidemiológica study or press release, you can go to their website and try to find it, but good luck. The last new release is dated Sept. 8, 2010. Meanwhile, because the article we're quoting appears in a Mexican newspaper, it's almost entirely devoid of helpful factual information - for instance, are the rankings weighted by population? Because if Querétaro (pop. 1.8 million) has more domestic abuse cases than Estado de México (pop. 15 million), that's worthy of a presidential-level blue-ribbon study group, at the very least. (Of course, the article doesn't give statistics for more than a handful of other states. Colima is ranked last, with four reported cases, which makes us wonder more about the efficacy of Colima's 066 hotline system than anything else.)

The article goes on to cite estimates by independent women's groups that there are three women killed in Querétaro every month - so, like 36 a year, or about 3.8 per 100,000. Which is actually kind of low, but almost three times higher than the rate being quoted by INEGI just a month an a half ago, which we quoted in a post celebrating how un-wifebeatingish Querétaro is.

So there we have it. Querétaro: either the worst place in Mexico to be a woman, or one of the best. Who's to say? Burro Hall may or may not regret the error it may have made. Or not.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if the women were mistaken for pinatas?

Conan the Librarian said...

Sorry to stray off the intended topic of your post, but the article you linked to about the equinox had a phrase that just about made me choke.

It said the "pilgrims" went to the archeological sites to: "cargarse de energía positiva y dejar de lado las malas vibras"

"Las malas vibras"?!



Jorge Arturo said...

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