Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* We can't point to any specific example, but there seems to be a slight Nelson Muntz quality to the commentary here about the American ICE agent having been killed with an American gun. They seem sort of baffled that our reaction to the killing is "we've got to smash drug trafficking," and not, "we should stem the flow of guns before someone loses an eye." The Mexfiles does a good job explaining why gringo residents should be opposed to letting US agents carry guns here. And the Center for Public Integrity continues its excellent work on the issue here.

* If you only know AARP from their cutthroat work on the Affordable Care Act and their relentless meddling in American politics, you'll enjoy this amazingly softball interview with Presidente Calderón.

* News Nuggets from the Failed State of Arizona: With all it's other problems solved, the state senate found time to applaud Wisconsin's union-busting and propose Tea Party vanity plates; Phoenix's Public Safety Chief joins the list of corrupt, disgraced officials, suspended for having grossly inflated the number of kidnappings there; Governess Brewer's "epidemic" of beheadings skyrockets to one, which means our travel advisory is still in effect; and some Arizona doctors have an idea for people who want to escape the state's organ-transplant death panels: go to Mexico.

* Having assured ourselves that they do not mean to become a part of Mexico again, we enthusiastically endorse the Baja Arizona separatist movement.

* Plaza de Armas should just declare itself the PRI's house organ in Querétaro and be done with it. Readers could be forgiven for thinking Humberto Moreira has been elected president of Mexico, rather than chairman of the national committee of the political party that came in third in the last presidential election.

* US commanders in Afghanistan are hoping to make the Af-Pak border just as secure as the US-Mex one. Maybe we should declare victory and leave now?

* Pretty much the fastest way to get yourself killed in Mexico is to be elected mayor of something. Looks like the mayors are fighting back.

* Everyone thought it was adorable when a little town near Juárez made a 20 year old girl their police chief. Welcome, America's Newest Asylum-seeker! (Um, or not.)

* Texas's not-very-bright governor Rick Perry declares Juárez "the most dangerous city in America." "Secession" and "annexation" are big, easily confused words.

* Texas state rep Debbie Riddle (R-Crazytown), last seen seriously suggesting that Muslims were sneaking into the US to give birth to anchor babies who would grow up to be more effective terrorists thanks to their American citizenship, has introduced a bill to punish severely anyone who hires an illegal alien. Unless, of course, they're hiring them to be maids, caretakers, nannies or to do any kind of housework and/or yard work. Because without that little exemption, "a large segment of the Texas population" would wind up in prison if the bill became law.

* The above testimonial to Texas's dependence on Mexico was delivered on the 175th anniversary of Texas's independence from Mexico. Remember? The Alamo?

* It's ain't exactly Fahrenheit 9/11 dollars, but with $1.7 million in ticket sales Presumed Guilty, a film about Mexico's spectacularly corrupt judicial system, is the country's highest-grossing documentary ever (surpassing Fraude 2006, a film about Mexico's spectacularly corrupt election system). So of course - irony alert! - a Mexican judge has ordered the film pulled from theaters. You can stick it to The Man by watching it, with English subtitles, right here:

* We haven't been linking enough to Malcolm Beith's blog, so here's a good post on how shitty the media is, and how, despite what you read, the cartels are not, and will not, move to take over Mexico City.

* STRATFOR is terrific at cataloging corruption in Mexico. Recognizing it in themselves, not so much.

* Other blogs we've been enjoying, now available over the internets: MazReal; Paleomedia; and Monterrey, What the Hell?, which was interesting enough when it was about a gringa living in Monterrey, but has now relocated to Ciudad Juárez. The things people do to increase their page views...

* America's craziest Congresscritter was recently in Mexico. I'm sure she learned a great deal.

* Mexican census reveals there are 5.3 million illiterates here. Though we don't want to name any names.

* We have no idea what Chuntaros are, but it seems to be a Mexican thing..

* The Week in Celebrity Sightings: Scarlett Johansson and Spicoli in Cabo. Penelope Cruz, who had a baby, like, twenty minutes before the Oscars, wears a red chili-pepper dress that's more Mexico than España.

* Someone's always injecting liberal politics into the Academy Awards...and this year it was our own former staff photographer Wally Pfister. You can understand why we had to let him go.

* Mexico Croatian community (numbering "only a few" according to this article) will be descending on Querétaro in June for the annual Foreign Community Festival. There could be a big, fat can of Serbian whoop-ass waiting for them.

* Never mind Americans' insatiable hunger of illegal drugs - let's talk about their insatiable hunger for iguana meat.

* Tequila is very eco-unfriendly. Which changes nothing, as far as we're concerned.

* In other environmental news, Querétaro is the cleanest city in Mexico, though we're not sure that generating 870 tons of garbage every day is something to win a prize for.

* The fascinating story of The Mexican Suitcase.

* Boston-area readers can get some Mexican culcha over in Wellesley.

* Colombian soccer team's mascot puts the "ow!" in owl.

* Wanna be an embarrassing Mexican stereotype? There's an app for that.


Anonymous said...

I love that I can get all the news that's fit to print on Saturdays. I'm pretty sure the "iguana meat" was really just Rango, who gave up being the Sheriff of Dirt and is now trying to get political asylum in the US.

Anonymous said...

"US commanders in Afghanistan are hoping to make the Af-Pak border just as secure as the US-Mex one. Maybe we should declare victory and leave now?"

Declaring victory and leaving has always been a viable option, it worked in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Burro, "Chuntaros" are Mexican "rednecks."

Burro Hall said...

Ah. See, that's why I wouldn't know - they don't allow rednecks into Qro Centro. Thanks.