Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sisters Are Doin' It For Themselves

The Mexico City bullfighting season comes to a close this afternoon with an event unprecedented in the plaza's 65-year history: all three toreros - excuse us, toreras - have lady parts. The bulls, on the other hand, will still be all man, with two sharp horns and an average weight of 1,075 pounds.

Torera Lupita Lopez was interviewed this week about the pressures of being a female bullfighter, and said that the worst part was just getting to work.

"Maybe the most difficult thing for me is going out by myself, with my bags, in the airports, in the buses, having to go out at night, taking a taxi - these things that carry some risk for a man, but which are much more dangerous for a woman simply because she is a woman."

The fact that "killing a wild half-ton bull with a sword" didn't make her list of inconveniences tells you all you need to know about the size of Lupita Lopez's balls. Or, perhaps, about the hazards of driving at night in Mexico.


Anonymous said...

"......Lupita Lopez's balls. Or, perhaps, about the hazards of driving at night in Mexico."


I see you are a Burro, Lupita was not speaking of the hazards of driving at night in Mexico....comprendes?

Burro Hall said...

Si, comprendo. I apologize for not marking the slightly sarcastic parts in yellow highlighter.

Anonymous said...

Pero "...Una disculpa no es suficiente..."

¡Qué frívola mi fritatta Pancho!