Friday, March 04, 2011

Things We Find In The Street

Among us city-dweller types, we like to laugh at the wide-eyed rubes from the countryside we occasionally see stepping off the tour buses in Times Square. But that sort of thing goes both ways. Querétaro might feel like a small town, but its pavement-to-greenery ratio is high enough that we still consider ourselves urbanites. So when we get a few miles out of the center of town and see a couple of dead bulls on the side of the road, we stop and take pictures like a bunch of Kansans gawking at the 42nd St. McDonald's.

We see dead dogs littering this stretch of road all the time, and we're pretty sure we know how they wind up there. But if a speeding car hit even one - never mind two - half-ton bulls in the middle of the highway, we'd expect to see a lot more broken glass and twisted steel in the road. (Actually, we'd expect to see the flaming wreckage of an overturned vehicle, with two mildly-injured bulls standing on the sidewalk laughing.) The only thing we can think of is that they were mutilated by anal-probing space aliens like those cows in the first episode of South Park were. Laugh if you will, but the bull in the foreground's ass is completely missing. (And, yeah, you'll have to take our word for that, as our photographer was too traumatized to snap a photo.)

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