Wednesday, April 13, 2011

But It's Never Been More Affordable!

Recently, about 100 Mexicans living in Japan came home, having decided that, whatever Mexico's problems, it beat living in a thoroughly-tsunamied earthquake zone glowing with radiation and awaiting the arrival of Godzilla. But that was before they actually spent a month here.

Among them was Adriana Ledezma Estrada, who is studying for a PhD in treatment of wastewater in Tohoku, one of the most devastated areas.

"I have my plane ticket ready, I'm going back to Japan on April 23, even though my teachers there say there is no gas, frequent power outages that occur, and there are long lines for food, I don't care. I want to be there and be ready when classes resume," she said.

For her, the two years she lived in Japan these days made it difficult to adapt to Mexico City. "They are very different worlds." The discipline, order and security of the Japanese contrast with the chaos in the capital. "I was afraid to leave home in the early days, and you hear bad news every few minutes, and going out and the traffic and transportation are crazy, and everything is more expensive," she explained.

So far, no Mexicans have been repatriated from Libya. Maybe because there are none there - or maybe they just don't want to leave.


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