Thursday, April 14, 2011

Changing Times

It's hard to believe that we're coming up on the fifth anniversary of the relocation of our offices from the US to Mexico, but it's about a month away. On that first day, after a series of massive headaches at US customs in Brownsville and Mexican customs in Matamoros, we drove down Highway 101 from Matamoros to Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, where we spent the night. We barely remember the journey or the highway, took no photos, and if anything at all remarkable happened it was overshadowed by the effort to find a perro-friendly hotel in Victoria and the twisty mountain road into Guanajuato we drove the next day. So it's with some surprise that we learn that the Matamoros-Victoria stretch of 101 is referred to today as "The Highway of Death."

If the US ever cuts corporate taxes and relaxes labor laws enough to persuade us to move the office back there, we'll probably leave the car behind and fly. Or swim.

On the plus side, the State Dept. now says that Americans are not being targeted by cartels on the Highway o' Death or in Nuevo León or San Luis Potosí, so there's probably nothing to worry about.

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Jonathon William Torres and Nancy Shuman Davis. I think both were on the highway of death.