Thursday, April 07, 2011


Because using the Simpsons to anonymously lampoon Carlos Slim sounds exactly like the sort of thing we'd do, we want to make clear to Mr. Slim - whose telephone monopoly controls this site's gossamer connections to the intertubes - that we had nothing to do with this.

Attacks on Carlos Slim's hold on Mexico's telecoms market intensified on Monday when a secret group opposed to the world's richest man rubbished his core business in a newspaper advert called "The Slimsons".

Drawn in the style of U.S. cartoon sitcom "The Simpsons", the full-page broadside against the 71-year-old tycoon ran in several of Mexico's biggest dailies, lampooning the cost, reliability and services of Slim's telephone networks.

In the advert, four blue-faced characters in the clouds state respectively "In Slimlandia -- clients get 'quality service'", "telephone charges 'are low'", "connection speeds 'are infinite'", and "your mobile 'always works'".

Below, a sad-looking man with a pink face says: "Not in Mexico." Signed off by anti-Slim group calling itself "Todos los Mexicanos" (All the Mexicans).

We have noting but the utmost respect for Mr. Slim, and really don't mind all the dropped calls and slow connections. Please don't hurt us.


Carlos said...

I really don't need this abuse while I am spending gazillions of pesos to upgrade the public phone services. said...

I heard that Carlos Slim was single. Could you set me up on a date with him? If we get married, I promise Burro Hall and associates a kickback as is always in the true Mexican tradition.

Burro Hall said...

We've been trying to get him in the sack ourselves for years.

Anonymous said...

Pshaw. His girlfriend is queen Noor of Jordan. Top that.

Burro Hall said...