Thursday, April 07, 2011

Gun Control We Can All Apparently Agree On

Leave it to the nativists to not quite get the point on the Project Gunrunner scandal,

As the Obama administration continues to stonewall congressional inquiries regarding orders issued to ATF agents to allow the arming of drug and illegal alien importing paramilitary groups, the level of public concern and alarm is growing.

"We need to know how many assault rifles are currently pointed at American citizens courtesy of the Obama administration's assistance to these domestic terrorist groups," said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC.

Well, so far...two. But there's probably a few more.

We're not sure what to make of the right wing's sudden conversion to the cause of international gun control - but we welcome their return to common sense. For years, they've denied that many American guns were being smuggled into Mexico. And then, one of their first acts upon taking control of the House (after reading the Constitution aloud), was to kill a proposal that would make this non-existent gun smuggling more difficult. But now - and we're sure this is just a coincidence - that there's a way (rightfully) to make the Obama Administration look bad, suddenly the pipeline of guns into Mexico is as big a scandal as Watergate and Iran Contra. Or, as ALIPAC puts it:

The scandal known as Project Gunrunner continues to sweep the nation, creating a groundswell of concern from American citizens of all races, political parties, and walks of life.

The Project Gunrunner, also called Fast and Furious, will likely become as big of a scandal as Watergate and Iran Contra!

Creating a groundswell of concern from American citizens of all races, political parties and walks of life about the free-for-all arms bazaar showering Mexico with high-powered firearms has long been a goal of this site's Editorial Board. We look forward to working with our Tea Party brethren to restrict the trade in semi-automatic weaponry and to empower the Federal government to prevent the flow of these guns into Mexico.

We'll get started right after the government shutdown, shall we?


jackie said...

We wish this were true but the right to bear arms inthis nation ensures we will continue to kill each other and help other countries do the same.What about all the weapons we sell to feorign counteries with out knowing how they will be resold?

Yann said...

I've been living in D.F. since August, but recently went back to the U.S. for a political science conference. I took it upon myself to ask as many colleagues of mine as I could what they had heard about Fast and Furious. Nobody I spoke to had ever heard of it.