Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jumbo Shrimp

An alert reader sends us this important item regarding Mexico's ongoing attempt to break the world record for Most World Records Held By a Single Nation:

Members of Mazatlán’s Tres Islas Hotel and Motel Association are determined to make the world’s biggest shrimp cocktail and put the city’s name in the Guinness World Book of Records.

The cocktail, which will require 500 kilos of shrimp, will be put together in a two meter high container most probably in front of the Family Monument at the intersection of Avenida del Mar and Rafael Buelna in mid-June.

..."This is something no one has ever done before and it will be ours alone," [the hotel association president] told media. And once it is ready, and presumably Guinness has finished with the formalities, families will be invited to enjoy the results.

We've had our fair share of experience with Mexican paperwork procedures, so we're sure the "Guinness formalities" won't take more than three or four hours, after which time, "families will be invited to enjoy" half a ton of shellfish that's been sitting in an enormous bucket in the middle of a busy intersection under the Mazatlán summer sun, where temperatures in June average 88 degrees. Then, in late June, Mazatlán will break the record for World's Largest Case of Mass-Shellfish Poisoning.


Mexfiles said...

But that's how we NORMALLY eat shrimp here in Mazatlán.

graciela said...

i'd have to agree. You're underestimating our ability to eat sketchy food of all types. I like me a tamal in the morning, and always go for the one that's roasted in the sun as long as possible. Better for la cruda, i hear.