Monday, April 25, 2011

The Memory Hole

A big Burro Hall shout-out to Plaza de Armas for publishing, in the wake of Faustino Armendáriz's appointment as Archbishop, five consecutive editions of the paper that have failed to mention that they not only gave their erroneous scoop bigger play than the news of the Dewey Administration, but that they taunted their rivals for missing the Briseño boat. New days are here, Querétaro!

Instead, they pretty much dropped the baby Jesus this weekend in favor of a three-part series on Claudia Mijangos, "The Hyena of Querétaro," who killed all her non-resurrecting children 22 years ago. This comes with another exclusive, of course - the news that she "could get out in 2019." Note the conditional tense and the fact that, if they're wrong, we won't know for at least eight years. New days!

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Rafael said...

Perhaps, they are part of the news corp empire. They habitually report erroneous information.