Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Never Get Out Of The Boat

Absolutely goddamn right.

People who migrate to the United States from Mexico have a significantly higher risk of developing depressive or anxiety disorders than family members of migrants who remain in Mexico, according to a report in the April issue of Archives of General Psychiatry...

"The finding that migrants are at higher risk for onset of depressive and anxiety disorders after migration compared with family members of migrants who remained in Mexico provides the first direct evidence that experiences as a migrant might lead to the onset of clinically significant mental health problems in this population," the authors write. "In particular, migrants were at higher risk for depressive disorders, inclusive of major depression and dysthymia, GAD, and social phobia."

This seems about right to us, though the study doesn't seem to have controlled for the fact that so many Mexican migrants wind up in the Failed State of Arizona, which is a depressing place even for Americans.


Dave said...

Gee, in some circles they're supposedly all having a gay old time having anchor babies and living off the fat of the land.

Say, aren't you supposed to be working?

fo said...

As a firefighter in San Diego county I see this all the time.
The dreams don't quite live up to the reality and the idealized thought that human respect is forthcoming as an equal is often never realized.
It is a sad commentary on humankind.
Think how people coming up over the southern border of Mexico are treated.

Anonymous said...

My first thought was that a differing rate of diagnosis, and of mental-health-care-seeking behavior in Mexico vs. US could account for the finding, but reading the abstract, I see they used a methodology that wouldn’t be affected by that.

The second thought is that people reading this are postulating a causal effect that just isn’t tested for in the study. Isn’t it just as plausible that people prone to depression and anxiety disorders would be more restless and more likely to migrate? I think so.

Margaret S.

Don Culo said...

I become depressed whenever I read this blog, I guess, I just as stubborn as the migrating mexicans.