Sunday, April 24, 2011

Racial Sensitivity Watch: Strange Fruit Edition

Aside from an ear-splitting fusillade of fireworks in the middle of the night, Easter Sunday is pretty peaceful here, except for the weird custom known as the Burning of Judas, which takes place near Jardin Zenea around 9pm.

In many parts of Latin America this practice occurs on the eve of the new year as a symbol of ridding one's self of evil and beginning a new year in spiritual purity. Some communities observe this ritual using various effigies, including the biblical Judas (who betrayed Jesus), Satan, a harlot, or a Jew (represented by the stereotypical European depiction of a Jewish male with a goat beard, side locks, and a black frock coat).

We'll skip our standard speech about how Christianity wouldn't exist without Judas, and just share with you this shot from one of the various "Exploding Judases for Sale" market stalls set up around town. Not only can you pick up a little hook-nosed Jew but, if there's room on your tree, you can string up a little Negro child and set him on fire too!

Happy burning!


Derek said...

What, no Arizonian figures??

Anonymous said...

It's better they burn Negro and Jew dolls than immigrants who are kidnapped from a bus, que no?

Dave said...

Racial sensitivies aside, at least they're safer on that side of the border.