Saturday, April 02, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Federal agents in Querétaro just arrested four guys in connection with the disappearance of 40 migrants (32 from Querétaro) who vanished into thin air on their way to the US last year. We just hope that for their sake they don't wind up before the same judge as this guy, who spent 3 years in jail for a human-trafficking crime he didn't commit. (This judge also sentenced this woman and two companions to 20 years in prison for crimes they didn't commit. None of this has affected his career, of course.)

* Wandering through the desert with a drug-laden Mexican was a lot more fun 40 years ago.

* Change we can believe in: The Octavio Paz commemorative 20-peso coin.

* Back in the day, anti-immigrant sentiment was more scientifically-based... if eugenics can be considered a science.

* White folks now a minority in New York. Looks like we got out just in time.

* Nebraska comes up with an innovative solution to the "anchor baby" problem: just let the little fuckers die. Who needs a Constitutional amendment?

* Business leaders predict: the Failed State of Arizona will be stupid for a long time to come.

* Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX), whose district includes the Koughan Memorial Water Tower, is a not-very-bright man, either.

* "President says Mexico not a failed state." But then he would, wouldn't he?

* Mexican congressman suggests drug lord Chapo Guzman should be the PAN presidential candidate for 2012. We first endorsed this idea more than two years ago.

* A Mexican is stopped at the border after zipping into Texas to by 150 AK-47 magazines and 6,000 rounds of ammunition. CPB's public affairs liaison: "It makes you wonder what they're going to do with all those magazines." Yes, what could they possibly be doing?

* The wrongly accused guy from Presumed Guilty has just released a rap album. He wants people to buy it on its merits, rather than because of his notoriety, but either reason is fine with us.

* Presumed Guilty: The US has a less-cruel judicial system than Mexico, but not entirely.

* This San Diego cop reminds us his Mexican counterparts have no monopoly on police brutality:

* Or corruption.

* May is going to be a tough month to be a Mexico City street dog. (Yes, "sacrificar" means what you think it does.)

* Acapulco: It's never been more affordable! (Cancun, too.)

* Some great old bullfight photos. [pdf]

* For Those About to Rock We Salute You.

* Five (largely inaccurate) Oxford English Dictionary entries for Mexican foods.

* Kids say the darndest things.

* How dry has it been in Querétaro? Paint-the-grass-green dry.

* Attention, lazy stereotypers: Mariachis don't have ruffled sleeves.

* We know from experience that moving to Mexico involves unloading a lot of your stuff first. Here's one person's quantification of that.

* Mexico now shunning fat people. We should note here that we see absolutely no evidence this is true.

* This just in: Inés Sainz is not the sexiest woman on Earth - in fact, she's not even the sexiest sportscaster on Earth, ESPN'S Erin Andrews is. Please adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

* Headline of the Week: "U.S. Marshals: Child Molesting Swami is Hiding Out Near U.S.-Mexico Border." What - again?


Anonymous said...

I believe that the use of racial stats in census and news like the one you link to the NYT help the USA to became racist (not in NY). I believe that census stats should be only of people, not race involved, the moment they stop seeing a race that moment population in general will stop seeing a race and start seeing people, even they manage to creat a new race "Hispanic Whites" because they are less white than the other whites, right?

Dave said...

Nice photo. Wasn't aware of any major expansion plans, but I like the new HQ.

Burro Hall said...

We needed a space we could entertain clients in.

Anonymous said...

No manches Burro Hall, no has puesto toda la noticia, y es mas la declaracion del mismo vato con la playera mexicana, en donde reconoce que estaba pedo, que lo expulsaron del estadio por quejas de simpatizantes del tri por que estaba hasta la maiz, y cuando la policia lo viene a buscar para retiralrlo, el vato les mento la madre.

Ahora si ese mismo bato hace lo mismo en Mexico, como crees que la policia lo va a tratar?

Anonymous said...

The cops at the stadium must be watching MMA fights. That is a nice rear choke hold, placed on the drunk who didn't want to leave the stadium.

Charles Pergiel said...

Re: ammo seized. News from Las Cruces about something that happened in El Paso strikes me as a little odd.

Burro Hall said...

Oh, I dunno. I'm reading news about Libya in a paper published in New York right now.