Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Yes, we know it's Tuesday. So? Anyone who wants a refund can apply for one in person at our office in Guadalajara.

* It's stunning how few of the potential GOP candidates are considered crazy and hate-filled enough for the nativists.

* Great April Fool's sign at the US-Mexico border. Of course, Mexicans don't celebrate April Fool's Day, so maybe it's not.

* Mexicans on Death Row.

* White supremacist on death row.

* In the Failed State of Arizona - where the grass is always greener! - the Neo-Nazi-curious senate president isn't just a racist, he's corrupt, too.

* Eventually, everyone who comes to Mexico gets murdered, including the dinosaurs.

* If Tijuana's police chief is so wonderful, why is Tijuana more violent than ever?

* The story of a couple of Americans being gunned down point-blank at the Tijuana border crossing turns out to be a little more complicated than initially reported. The big question is not, "Is cartel violence targeting Americans?" but, "Who in their right mind would try to steal a mixed martial artist's girlfriend?"

* Peace has finally been achieved in Mexico's drug war! Unfortunately, it's between the Zetas and the Mara Salvatrucha.

* "Following devastating and systematic episodes of abuse from her ex-husband, she decided to turn her life around, reinvent herself and become the vampire woman."

* New Yorkers: Daniel Hernandez will be discussing his book in NYC on April 14. You get 50% off the cover price is you tell him "the guys from Burro Hall said your poster had the worst New York City subway map ever!"

* Lesley Téllez on the ambivalence of living in a place where a lot of stuff sucks.

* Mexico's worst Mexican restaurant: Neptuno, located in the Reclusorio Norte prison.

* For those about to rock in Tzotzil, we salute you.

* A couple weeks ago, the entire local legislature was replaced by children. No one noticed.

* This "flashmob" stuff is getting a little silly. We're not sure why professional singers bursting into patriotic songs is considered a flashmob, but this is still a lot better than the usual instrumental Muzak this restaurant usually plays.

* Hippies in Hidalgo got a special equinox treat: several dozen UFOs. Duuude...

* Sure, Japan's nuclear one survived an earthquake and a tsunami, but Mexico's survived an earthquake and the chupacabras.

* How to do Mexico City with your faithful canine companion.

* Star Wars loteria cards.

* The Week in Cheesecake: We don't know who Kate Bosworth is, but she's all we got.

* J.Lo does Chichen Itza just like any other tourist.


tepetapan said...

I thought it read
"Starwars Lolita Cards"

http://imustbecrazytoliveinmexico.blogspot.com/ said...

I wheezed my way to the top of the Sun Pyramid at Teotihuacan so I had my friend take a photo of me proving I made it to the top. In the same photo there is a woman, unknown to me, wearing the most ridiculous high heels. Her accomplishment of making it to the top in those heels took the wind out of my sail.

Burro Hall said...

but it's cool you got to meet J.Lo!

Memo Nericcio said...

thanks for the linkback!


and, i don't know why your amazing blogito was not on my blogroll, but i took care of that as well...

Burro Hall said...

All right then...I'll call off the attorneys!