Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* The idea that the Mexican cartels have invaded the US seems to be getting some traction in the papers here lately. We guess people must have assumed Americans got their illegal drugs by driving to the border and waiting for Mexicans to toss them over the fence or something. We'll just link to Gancho quoting himself from a year ago to explain why this is kind of silly.

* Great Moments in Graphic Design: Rosie the Riveter gets a Mexican, pro-choice, lucha libre makeover.

* News Flash: Failed State of Arizona orders brown-skinned man to show his papers.

* Some illegal aliens may commit crimes, but most of them don't cook the books to the tune of $99 million.

* "The man struck his head on the ground during the incident," says Customs and Border Patrol, demonstrating how easily the English language can used to obscure blame.

* The Telegraph, the Mail and NPR all picked up the story of the last two speakers of Ayapaneco, which you read here a month ago.

* Mexico: come for the cheap gas, stay for the delicious margaritas.

* Amealco, Querétaro, is an excellent place to drink oneself to death.

* Can you guess which of these women is the real Frida Kahlo, and which one is the model pretending to be her in Vogue? Take your time.

* "Mexico drug war's latest victim: the lime" should be eligible for some sort of Reverse-Crowbar Award - rather than squeezing a drug war reference into an otherwise quotidian story, it take a quotidian story (a spike in the price of limes) and forces it into the drug war narrative, possibly after the author had a few too many micheladas.

* We got 16 out of 17 on the Monitor's "How Well Do You Know Mexico" quiz. (Mexico City is apparently the sixth-, not the third-, largest city in the world.)

* Trade-based money laundering. This goes a long way towards explaining the number of businesses around town that continue to thrive without ever apparently serving a customer.

* Here's a 24 minute video celebrating the 65th anniversary of the Bimbo Bear, which we're posting because we cannot fucking believe anyone - even Grupo Bimbo - would make a 24 minute video about the Bimbo Bear.

*Geo-Mexico's handy list of Places to Avoid in Mexico.

* We Are the World: An American blogger's posting of a Spanish translation of a Hungarian eyewitness account of the execution of Mexico's Austrian emperor.

* The Baby Jesus's mouthpieces in Querétaro actually have a pretty good digital magazine. We especially like the article on the evils of the digital age.

* Nick Kristof on the power of savage mockery to change the world. Needless to say, we endorse this unreservedly.

* Finally, a common-sense proposal to make American churches safe enough to worship in.

* Querétaro cops lock and load for Semana Santa. Because God forbid anyone get hurt on Good Friday.


Fnarf said...

No matter how hard that emaciated white chick chokes herself, her head is never going to swell up and turn dark enough to mistake her for Frida K. And the clothes! Embarrassing.

Margaret said...
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Anonymous said...

I give you 17 out of 17 on the “How Well Do You Know Mexico” quiz, because you weren’t wrong to answer 3rd place on the Mexico City population question. It depends on how you define “city”, and the 3rd-place one is more common, at least in Mexico; third place vs sixth place.

Margaret S.