Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* There's an enormous and deadly conflagration consuming Mexico at the moment, so large it can be seen from space. As often happens, the conflagration has spilled over the border into the United States. Predictably, the US response was excessively militaristic and ineffective, but, to their credit, the US has not spent billions of dollars financing the fire, nor shipped oxygen and gasoline to it. So that's progress.

* Of course, Texas being Texas, the secessionist governor's official plan is to ask the citizens to pray harder for rain to end the drought. Notwithstanding the fact that a drought is, by definition, an Act of God. (Unless man-made climate change is real, but we know better than that!)

* Taco Bell meat turns out to contain meat, after all.

* The Failed State of Arizona did one, two, three, four completely non-insane things this week, leaving us more or less speechless.

* And then Sheriff Joe did something fuck-all stupid again, and all was right with the world.

* Redefining the word "Crosswalk."

* For a country that takes Holy Week so seriously, Mexico seems to have forgotten that the tombs are supposed to be empty, not packed shoulder to shoulder.

* Of course, any Mexican could probably kill a dozen people if they tried. But if you want to rack up a triple-digit body count, you've got to spend a lot of time in the US first.

* We wouldn't have thought keeping track of the number of dead Mexican soldiers would be so hard.

* But then, in Mexico, everyone is killed of eventually...

* Fearless Washington Post reporters venture onto The Highway o' Death.

* Burro Hall's weekend/overnight sports editor got cheated of another Pulitzer in the most amusing way possible this week, but the bigger was was the Pulitzer Medal for Public Service going to a former illegal immigrant, which should drive the barely-literate nativist crowd even nutsier.

* Our Award for the Most Baffling Use of Ground Zero Imagery goes to the trailer for the upcoming full-length Mexican feature Don Gato (aka Top Cat).

* In Mexico, participating in a flash mob gets you ridiculed on this blog. In America, it gets you shot in the head.

* Carlos Slim's Telecel gets hit with a billion-dollar fine.  That's over two weeks salary!

* The poorest, most welfare-hungry place in America is of course populated almost entirely by Mexican immigrants American-born New York Jews.

* Down & Delirious in New York City.

* The president of the United States would prefer that you not have to go to Mexico to get affordable healthcare. But with the Republicans planning to abolish Medicare, we suppose he's not ruling it out entirely.

* We don't know what's more surprising: that NFL cheerleaders only make $50 a game, or that Mexican cheerleaders don't earn anything at all. (Or that one of the Pats' cheerleaders is an aspiring broadcast journalist from Swampscott. Ask about our Burro Hall Journalism Apprenticeship Program!

* Fidel Castro formally cedes power. Embargo proponents vindicated!

* This short film is from Spain, but anyone who's tried to renew an FM3 visa in Mexico will recognize it.

* Art: Andy wants to escape to Zihuatanejo. Life: Both of Tim Robbins' parents die in Mexico.

* We can't force you to read the Tex[t]-Mex Galleryblog, but if you're not, then you missed Banksy's Rodney King piñata, a vintage Mexican Ken doll, and Jimmy Olsen hatin' on Messicans - all in one week.

* We're also liking The Daily Mexican (based in the UK).

* We're really kind of shocked that the Brits are letting a Mexican this dangerouly unstable into their country.

* We love El Pinche Holandés, except for the whole it's-written-in-Dutch part, but we're guessing this post excoriates Presidente Calderón for his habit of presuming people guilty on Twitter. Voor de overwinning!

* Luchador art at Galeria DRT in Querétaro.

* Jesus: The Lost 40 Days enjoyed a small bit of input from our audio/visual division. The free prostate exams being offered in Querétaro next month, we had nothing to do with.

* Mexican trading cards. Collect 'em all!

* The Last Fiesta. We're probably too old for this, but we're taking up skateboarding again.

* We don't understand cat people.

* Pancho Villa's finger for sale. $9500.

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