Sunday, April 03, 2011

Small Worlds

We'll be away from the Intertubes for most of the day, so we thought we'd leave you with this amazing set of planetoid panorama photos of Querétaro by Flickr user MontekristuM, whose profile says he lives in Moscow. (Clicking photos takes you to the Flickr page.) We were going to compose a short essay on how they're a metaphor for this city's insularity, etc, but just enjoy the pix.

Templo de la Cruz

Panteon de Queretanos Notables

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de Armas (opposite view)

Jardin de la Corregidora

Plaza Constitución

(The copyright notice says "All rights reserved," which probably means "don't steal them and put them on your blog," so if MontekirstuM sees this, cease and desist letters can be sent via the email address above. But if you're still in Querétaro, stop by for a beer, okay?)

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