Tuesday, April 05, 2011

UK Government: Insulting Mexicans Is Okay If You Do a Lot of That Sort of Thing

We were pretty critical of the Mexican overreaction to the whole stupid Top Gear thing, and especially of the argument that, because the BBC is a government broadcaster, the addled musings of Jeremy Clarkson are, in effect, pronouncements by the British government. But now the British government, in the form of its broadcast regulator, Ofcom, has in fact weighed in on the controversy. Its verdict: Jesus, can't you lazy, feckless, flatulent and overweight Mexicans take a joke?

Although the watchdog group said the comments could be read out of context as “very offensive,” it said were part of the program’s “irreverent style and sometimes outspoken humor” which had spared few nationalities.

"Ofcom considered that the majority of the audience would be familiar with the presenters' approach to mocking, playground-style humor, and would have considered that applying that approach to national stereotypes was in keeping with the program’s usual content and the presenters' typical style,” the regulator said.

Don't you wetbacks get it? These guys are always saying shit like this! So it's no big deal. Now run along and make yourself a plate of refried sick with cheese on it.


Positive Thoughts said...

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Fnarf said...

Wow, that's some really low-quality spam you're getting, huh? Positive Thoughts?

I've been to England. I've eaten their sausage rolls. If anyone should be comparing another country's food to "sick", it's not James bleedin' May. I think I've got part of a beef pie bought off a cart outside a football ground that's still squirming around in my duodenum all these years later. Top Gun: your country's food is by and large repulsive.

http://imustbecrazytoliveinmexico.blogspot.com/ said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts, I'm thinking positive thoughts, I'm thinking positive thoughts. Oh, hell, who am I kidding?

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Charles Pergiel said...

They would have been fine if they hadn't mentioned the ambassador. That made it personal, and that's what got this all started. I enjoy Top Gear. Yes, the hosts have all the savoir-faire of ten year old boys, and they are proud of it. How did the ambassador find out? At first I was thinking he was a fan, but a fan would have laughed, not made a fuss. So I suspect someone in his posse told him about it.

Mexfiles said...

I'm positively thinking it was Oscar Wilde who had the best description of the English: "The unspeakable in search of the inedible".