Friday, April 01, 2011

Very García

Semana Santa is just a couple of weeks away, and we're thinking that García, Nuevo Leon, would be a nice place to visit. That's because a week ago, Jaime Rodríguez Calderón, the mayor of García, Nuevo Leon, said that his city would be a nice place for people to visit for Semana Santa. And then, a few days later, to show how serious he is about this, Mayor Rodríguez survived the third attempt on his life in a month, when 40 gunmen traveling in a 15-vehicle convoy opened fire on his motorcade.

Not only are we heading straight to García just as soon as we can arrange someone to feed the cat, but we're going to spend the whole of Semana Santa at Mayor Rodríguez's side. Forty gunmen in 15 cars, and the guy doesn't have a scratch on him? Holy living fuck. Here, take a look at the kind of damage eight guys in three cars can do:

Now multiply that by five.

García, Nuevo Leon, is a magical place, and without a doubt the safest in all of Mexico. And its mayor is without a doubt either blessed by God or in cahoots with Satan - it doesn't really matter which. When a bad muthafucka like that tells us to come hang out with him for Semana Santa, we gas up the car and go.


Anonymous said...

The mexican drug cartel members sure are animals!!! They even kick you in the head after your dead !!!!!

Pinches Cabrones !!!!!!

I'm moving to Arizona where it safe !!!

Burro Hall said...

After my dead what? said...

I'm dying to go there. Not sure where it is, but maybe we will pass through on the way to Monterrey next week for a spelling bee competition. That is IF we go. The school is having problems finding enough participants whose parents are willing to let them go. We're suppose to take the best spellers which now would include number 15 out of 27.