Monday, April 11, 2011

Worst Gift Idea Ever

A few months ago our lifestyle editor noted that the "Big Pony custom-fit polo shirt by Ralph Lauren" was becoming a fashion "Do" among the younger, hipper narcotrafficking crowd here. So we probably shouldn't be surprised that the Sunday mercado is doing a roaring trade in cheap Big Pony knockoffs.

Unless Ralph Lauren has started working in burlap, these are almost certainly Chinese counterfeits, but they're selling for an astounding 350 pesos - around 30 dollars - apiece, which means that, in a city that seems to provide its police force with a new piece of high-powered weaponry on a weekly basis, there's a huge demand for an item of clothing that's likely to get you confused with a wanted drug lord. We suppose that, for some people, being gunned down on the way to work is their best shot at being immortalized in a narcocorrido. We'll stick to J. Crew t-shirts, thank you very much.

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