Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Big Friends

We've never really understood the the whole Tony-Montana-as-role-model thing among wannabee tough-guys. Not only does he fuck up and get blown away in the end by some bigger badasses, but he's unable to sexually satisfy a woman who at the time was married in real life to that wussy dweeb from Thirtysomething. We see a guy in a $300 Scarface leather jacket, and we know we can beat him in a fight. Still, he had a pretty big gun and abundant self-confidence, so we can see his appeal to the small-dick crowd. It's not at all astonishing to see a couple of cheap, cheesy pictures of Li'l Al Pacino on the wall of a recently-raided bad-guy house in Juárez.

Except, holy shit, these guys were some seriously bad-assed badasses! Tony may have had his "li'l frien'," but these dudes had

a basement arsenal.. that included three anti-aircraft guns, dozens of grenades, a grenade launcher, AK-47s ... several makes of machine guns, rifles, a shotgun and more than 26,000 ammunition cartridges... more than 50 military uniforms, as well as bulletproof vests and gas masks.

"Make way for the bad guy," indeed.


Mexfiles said...

Not as scary (or as twisted) as the Brazilian gangster, Pezão... his super-badass lair was a shrine to Justin Beiber.

bob cox said...

Looks like Charlton Hestons living room.