Friday, May 20, 2011

Burro Hall Car Seat Giveaway Madness!!

With just one day left before we learn who's better at forecasting the Apocalypse - ancient Mayans or modern-day Christians - we thought we'd throw in one last image of Mexicans laughing in the face of Death. Or, if not really laughing, then giggling in that adorable way babies do. With their giant heads and weak little limbs, the little droolers have a hard enough time standing upright on the kitchen floor, never mind on Grandma's un-seatbelted lap while Mamá's taking a right turn a little faster than she ought to to beat out an oncoming taxi. Fortunately, this family has been well-schooled in the rules of Mexican road safety, and has taught the young-un to grip the passenger-side window with both hands, and have fitted him with a Safety Bib to prevent blood stains on his overalls.

As always, if the parent or guardian of this child sees this photo and sends us a letter or an email apologizing for endangering their child and acknowledging the error of their ways, Burro Hall Enterprises S.A. will buy that family a brand new car seat and help them to install it.

Update: See EduardoAIG's comment for evidence of the awesome power of Burro Hall to set the legislative agenda in Mexico...

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EduardoAIG said...

Here up (or down, depending on whether we are considering latitude or altitude above sea level) in Monterrey, the municipal government has come up with a way to tackle the problem, the new transit rules (passed last month) heavily penalizes the drivers riding with little children without safety child seats, but it has announced also that it will be giving 150 pesos for each used safety child seat, and then they will be giving those second hand child seats for free to people requesting one.