Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cinco de Burro: Aug 26-28, 2007

One of the running jokes when we were moving our offices south of the border was that we were planning to hook up with Subcommandante Marcos and the Zapatista National Liberation Army. Of course, this was funny because it was so ridiculous - so it made perfect sense that we would in face spend our first Cinco de Mayo here holed up in a small, secure location with Marcos and Dan Rather. We planned to write a four or five-post series about it, but only got as far as parts one and two before getting distracted by a shiny object of some sort, most likely a martini shaker.

That's a shame, because the actual interview was kind of amusing, the most endearing part being when we were interrupted by Cinco de Mayo revelry from a nearby home, causing Marcos to wander off to see if they could get the neighbors to tone it down a bit - then sheepishly announcing a few minutes later that we'd just have to put up with it. And then, a couple days later, we became probably the first foreign journalists ever to charter a jet from Zapatista-controlled territory. We'll get one of the interns to type up our notes from this later.

The sudden appearance of 18,000 naked Mexicans outside our hotel window was perfectly in keeping with the tenor of that week, and not even remotely the weirdest part of it.


Anonymous said...

It's a movie, Frank. Think about it.

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