Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dim Bulbs

Just a quick update on the never-ending saga of the Querétaro aqueduct, which has stood pretty much without incident since 1727, until last summer, when the city government could think of no better way to spend a million and a half dollars than on lighting up the arcos with blue, red and yellow flashing lights, like a 1200-meter stretch Hummer. Things went along just fine for a surprisingly long while before INAH noticed that the enormous throbbing discotheque on the middle of the city was not part of the landmarked monument's original design. That dispute was rendered moot after the computer-controlled light show began to malfunction, forcing the designers to simplify the system so that it merely illuminated the thing in one color (which, truth be told, the new, high-tech LEDs did much better than the previous lights).

And then, a few nights ago, the city got two consecutive nights of drenching rains, the first precipitation in at least nine months. Which is when they discovered that the light system is not waterproof. In fact, it's not even water-resistant - it's more like water-absorbant. Below is a photo from the local paper of the freshly-extracted million-dollar LED units, drying in the afternoon sun.

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