Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Grace Under Pressure

American right-wingers have apparently declared 2011 "The Year of Vilifying Educators," so we thought we'd post this video that's been making the rounds of the intertubes this week of a Monterrey kindergarten teacher calming her cowering young charges while a furious gun battle rages outside. Our knowledge of Mexican nursery rhymes is pretty rudimentary, but this one seems to involve catching drops of candy raining from the sky.

Of course, aside from the language, the way you can tell this is Mexico and not America is that the gunmen are outside the school. Still, in recognition of the non-potable ice water in her veins, we're bestowing upon this still-anonymous woman our very First Burro Hall Teacher of the Year award.


Dave said...

I'm sure she'll find a suitable place for the plaque. Ice water indeed. Still have to wonder if she's wondering if her grandmother has an extra pair of Depends.

They could perhaps have spent their time better by practicing the national anthem, however.

Otro Burro said...

"while a furious gun battle rages outside"


If the the Taxi drvers were still alive the would disagree.

Burro Hall said...

Jeff Conway and Andy Kaufman?

JustaCancuck said...

While the kids sing "If raindrops were made of chocolate, I'd also like to be there" and there's a rain of bullets happening outside their classroom, wow, this is one of those moments when reality surpasses any form of fiction.
This teacher and her kids have way more courage and guts than any Mexican government official, especially the President who keeps insisting everything is alright in the country.