Friday, May 06, 2011

Patron Saint of Soggy Gringos

After swimming in Utah's Zion River, you can towel off your wet, sweaty butt with the Virgen of Guadalupe's face, thank to this lovely beach towel available for just $19.99 at your supermarket checkout.

If you squint (or if we had a better camera) you could see that the matches for sale also feature the VdeG, and there's a smattering of Mexican-ish folk art - not a lot, but more than you'd expect - available here, plus a substantial number of Mexican restaurants, one of which is the only place in town open past 9:30 (you can imagine our excitement to pull into town Wednesday night only to discover that our drinking options were Corona, Tecate or Dos Equis). We understand the whole Mormons-in-Mexico thing, but are a little clueless why there's such a Mexican vibe to this tiny little Utah tourist town. We doubt it's to cater to the predominantly Mexican hotel and restaurant staff (and by the way, the mouths on the chambermaids here - we didn't expect to hear such relentless obscenity in Mormonville). If we were better journalists we'd try to get you an answer, but frankly, we're too consumed with trying to find a decent martini around here.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Utah is an odd place, glad I don't live there anymore. After 40 years of Mormonism, I just left the friggin' cult. Odd that Southpark is more historical about Joe Smith than the Church's own tracts.

AS for the Mormons in Mexico, Mitt Romney's Dad, George, was born in Galeana, and yes, he had the birth certificate to prove it. Strangely, nobody ever questioned HIS citizenship when HE ran for President in 1968.