Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Cinco de Burro Bonus, from 2008: "On Monday a gentleman in his late 60s boarded the Mexico City subway... and eventually came to the Nuevo Jordan gym, one of Mexico's premiere boxing establishments. He and his three companions - two younger Latinos and another older guy - paid 50 pesos for a one day pass. 'Fucking old guys,' said the manager, 'They're gonna have a heart attack.' But the men had brought their own gear with them, boxed for an hour or so, and before they left, the manager finally conceded that the old guy was no pretender. 'He knows el pugilismo,' he said. Never did catch his name, though."

* Annals of Sensible Crime-Fighting: After the recent robbery of a tank of deadly chlorine gas, the Querétaro water authority has decided to, y'know, start keeping better track of 'em. We would have thought that was the plan after 14 tanks were stolen in 2008, but what do we know about law and order?

* Here's a good article on gun trafficking into Mexico, from that bastion of predictable, left-wing, blame-America-first sentiment, The Wall Street Journal.

* We have to admit not being very familiar with Lenora Carrington's art, but her death seems to be a pretty big deal, so we'll link to her obit here.

* The results of Mexico's Census can be found here. We haven't had time to drill into it ourselves, but feel free to pass along anything interesting.

* Wait, here's one: queretana girls under the age of 14 are impregnated at a rate of about one day.

* According to Transparency International, in Querétaro there is a greater than 80% chance of bribing a traffic cop when stopped, to avoid arrest or detention - though this seems pretty badly-worded to us. Does that mean offering a bribe, being asked for one, or having your offer accepted?

* Congratulations to Plaza de Armas, on going to solid months without ever mentioning their Archbishop scoop again.

* Mexico's gross overreaction to the Swine Flu epidemic appears to have, um, contained the Swine Flu epidemic.

* We don't know much about economics, or Augustín Carstens's qualifications to lead the IMF, but he owns an adorable pug, and that's good enough for us.

* The whole Strauss-Kahn scandal has really taken the heat off the whole "Year of Mexico in France" thing, hasn't it? In fact, it seems that a few years ago, Strauss-Kahn had his own "Day of France in Mexican Chambermaids" festival a couple years ago.

* It's Definitely Because I'm Mexican: Man sent to jail in the Failed State of Arizona for possession of a gun and ammo.

* Burro Hall's Anchor Baby of the Week: the soon-to-bee spawn of Francisco "Lorenzo" Arce-Torres, a known member of the Sinaloa drug cartel, and Maricopa County, FSoAZ, Sheriff's Detention Officer Marcella Hernandez. Mazel tov!

* How serious is "spillover violence" from Mexico? Um, not very? Though it does provide an excuse for San Diego country to rake in Federal grant money.

* Machete don't text; Machete cook.

* Headline of the Week: Bar Shut Down at Mexico Prison.

* 17 inmates escape Mexican prison by tunnel. It's a tradition that goes back over 1,800 years.

* Mexican Hoop Dreams.

* An interesting piece on Muslims in Mexico, of which there are apparently fewer than 3,800. Like Muslims everywhere, they are under government surveillance, which has at least had the effect of confirming that they're among the least-violent people in Mexico. (Which is not to say that there aren't Latino religious extremists, but they're found mostly in the Failed State of Arizona.)

* Letter of the Week: "I can't help thinking of Mexico as a Tea Party paradise..."

* Burro Hall stands solidly with the spray-pained burros of Gaza.

* Bad news for Mexico: Whale shark swarm spotted off coast of Yucatán Peninsula. Good News for Mexico: World record whale shark swarm spotted off coast of Yucatán Peninsula.

* We'd hit that.

* University of South Carolina reminds us why "Gallos Blancos" is an amusing name for a sports team.


Anonymous said...

Re the whale shark swarm ... article notes they feed on fish eggs. Sounds like a business worth pursuing since there has been a decline, I believe, in caviar from all points Caspian et al,

Anonymous said...

Viva los pugs!!!