Monday, June 27, 2011


In yet another example of why we need an impermeable border fence as soon as possible, it turns out American mass-murderer (and fellow Bostonian) James "Whitey" Bulger spent a lot of time in Mexico, opportunistically availing himself of the nation's superior health care system.

Though Bulger was a fugitive wanted for 19 murders, he was by no means reclusive. Bulger said he and his girlfriend, 60-year-old Catherine Greig, frequently drove to the border, parked on the US side and walked into Tijuana, using a false identification to get through security, the official said. In Tijuana, he was able to purchase Atenolol, a drug taken for chest pain and high blood pressure, without a prescription.

A former close associate, Kevin Weeks, a gangster-turned-author, said yesterday that before Bulger fled Boston to avoid a federal racketeering indictment in January 1995 he talked about the easy availability of prescription drugs south of the border.

“Before he took off, he used to talk about Mexico," Weeks said. “He said you could get as much prescription medicine as you wanted"...

The FBI has known about Bulger’s interest in buying prescription drugs from Mexico since at least 2000, when agents distributed wanted posters in English and Spanish along the US-Mexican border.

But since Tijuana authorities are too overstretched to pursue a mere 19-time killer, and the US Border Patrol isn't trained to apprehend people called "whitey," Bulger was able to travel back and forth without incident.

President Obama, for the love of God, finish the danged fence!


Anonymous said...


Off topic, but in your "Our Far-flung Correspondents" list, "Moving to Mexico" hasn't blogged since 2009, from what I can tell. Possibly he has checked-out?

Burro Hall said...

No, he's still around. Last I saw, he was moderating an online forum devoted to the scourge of armed robberies on Queretaro buses, which I think happened once or twice. But I take your point that the correspondent corps is in need of some culling.