Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Correction: USA Source of Almost All Overwhelming Majority of Mexico's Guns

So it turns out the naysayers were correct: 90 percent of the guns confiscated in Mexico do not come from the the US - merely 70 percent do. Burro Hall regrets the error. This stunning 25% drop in American exports can of course be traced to the fact that we have a Kenyan socialist in the White House.

But 70 percent is still an impressive share of a market as awash in weaponry as Mexico. And, as noted before, we still have 100% of the growing Mexican-guns-used-to-kill-American-officials market. And once it was revealed that many of these gun shipments were monitored as part of Project Gunrunner, an Obama Administration ATF sting-gone-bad, we opined that:

It should be interesting watching the Republicans in Congress demand the ATF do more to regulate guns, while simultaneously making sure the ATF has no ability to do more to regulate guns.

Cue the odious Darrell Issa, to show ya how it's done.

Darrell Issa (R-CA) wouldn't let ATF agents testifying before his House Oversight Committee hearing Wednesday on the controversial Project Gunrunner say how weak U.S. gun laws were making it difficult for them to catch criminals smuggling assault weapons to Mexican drug cartels....

Issa butted in to say that their ATF agent's opinions on U.S. gun laws would not be "considered valid testimony."

"I want to caution the witnesses that the scope of this, your testimony here is limited, and that it's not about proposed legislation and the like and under House rules would not fall within the scope of this," Issa said. "So, anecdotally you can have opinions but ultimately it would not be considered valid testimony."

So there you have it. The NRA's pals in Congress score a few points off Obama, the regulators' hands get tied even tighter, the gun sales continue unabated, a lot of Mexicans die, and the American media gets to report on it. It's win-win-win-win-win!


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Anonymous said...

Good for Issa nice to know someone is protecting the rights of ordinary people in the United States for the freedom to bare arms. The people in the ATF or the Justice Department who provided criminals in Mexico with guns should be prosecuted.

Burro Hall said...

I don't think anyone would infringe upon your right to walk around with bare arms, dude. Wear sunblock.