Sunday, June 05, 2011

Great Moments in Looney Tunes-Inspired Tragedy

With so many tragic, violent, and heartbreaking deaths occurring in Mexico these days, it seems like the only respite we get is the occasional tragic, violent, cartoonishly funny death, like the one that befell an unfortunate young man in Celaya, Guanajuato, this weekend, reported in the local paper under the headline "Man Crushed to Death By Falling Piano."

While the accompanying photo makes it look like Daniel Hernández Núñez was hit by a piano that plunged whistling from the heavens, he was actually helping a friend move it in the back of a pickup truck when, as we presume happens with astonishing frequency in Mexico, the back opened up and the piano, on wheels, rolled into Hernández, throwing him to the street and landing on top of him. Proving once again that absolutely everything in Mexico can, and eventually will, kill you.

[Thanks to alert and slightly-twisted reader Erin for the link.]


Dorita said...

Darwin Award candidate!

Fnarf said...

Virtually all of my time on the road in Mexico has been behind a pickup with a gigantic unsecured load threatening to fall out:

and said...

I clicked on comments to mention Darwin Award and I was beaten to the punch by Dorita.

Living South of Sanity said...

Because in Celaya, a simple car accident just isn't good enough.