Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy Smurfday

Many thanks to the commenters and emailers determined to keep this site running during our current labor unpleasantness (the unpleasantness being that we're busy doing other labor).  Mexico recently landed itself a piece of another world record, and readers were understandably concerned that Teeming Millions might not hear of this remarkable feat. But we're a community here; we watch out for one another.

But so, apparently, last weekend, 301 Mexicanos armed with blue paint, big white shoes, and a crazy, crazy dream, took part in the World's Largest Simultaneous Dressing-Like-A-Smurf. Forgive the somewhat tortured phrasing, but it wasn't really a "gathering." Rather, Smurfophiles held simultaneous rallies in 12 cities around the world; the 301 Mexicans were part of a total blue mob of 4,617.

The Mexican word for Smurf is "Pitufo," which bears a striking resemblance to the American word "pitiful," which pretty much sums up what we think of this. ¡Ánimo, amigos! Since when does Mexico need the help of eleven other nations to break an asinine world record? We invaded Iraq with a smaller coalition than that. And you didn't even pull your weight! Three hundred and one out of 4,617 is a contribution of barely six percent. One of the other cities was The Hague, for Christ's sake.

Probably the saddest detail is that those 301 would-be Smurfs held their gathering in Estadio Azteca - which has a capacity of 105,000.

We were going to throw in a joke about having set a world record for Most Desperate and Embarrassing Attempt At Getting Into the Guinness Book of World Records, except that someone is the Mexico City government is probably on the phone right now trying to get this certified.


Mexfiles said...

I don't think I'd ever hard anyone use "Pitufo" in reference to annoying blue clad people, but Mexico City cops used to be called "los esmurfs".

Dave said...

Just to weigh in, my chilanga esposa is familiar with the term...and notes that "los esmurfs" are also known as los Pitufos. Far from statistically significant, but.

I'd have to say that before arriving in D.F. I'd never seen a smurf wearing kevlar....

Mexfiles said...

But, if you had to walk around looking like a Smurf, you'd probably be afraid somebody might shoot you as a public nuisance.