Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Home of the Brave

Here’s a photo we snapped a few months ago of the bulletin board outside some local school, which was decorated with images representing various countries, including this one of the United States, which is apparently chock full of cowboys and Indians.

The plan was, of course, to heap scorn upon our Mexican neighbors. When did they buy these – 1885? Does the lesson plan include watching repeats of F-Troop? Are they getting us back for our sombrero-and-serape caricatures? Where on Earth do they get these ridiculous ideas?

Apparently, they get them from the United States pavilion at the Querétaro Foreign Community Festival where, as you can see in this photo sent in by a friend, Uncle Sam was represented all weekend by buckskin-clad braves serving up all-American tamales and pasteles de elote in a room decorated with teepees and cave paintings, while maize hung drying from the ceiling.

The message is clear: Not so long ago, America was populated by people not unlike you. And then we exterminated them. Any questions?

That said, if we’d known they’d have Sam Adams, we’d have sent an intern over to stock up.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Burro, but all the remaining Sam Adams got smashed during the reenactment of the Sand Creek Massacre.

Anonymous said...

Tostada $26.00 and Tamales $25.00, WTF !!!

bicyclepirate said...

You just need to go on a beer run to D.F. Sam Adams is pretty easy to find here.