Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Mexican

Earth-shaking news from the front lines of the Drug War: "La Linea" leader Marco Antonio Guzmán Zúñiga has taken the Burro Hall Award For Best Organized Crime Nickname, for the nombre de guerra "El Brad Pitt." Guzmán won on the strength of his ambiguous "El," which could be read as either "the Brad Pitt," or as a way of distinguishing himself from, well, the Brad Pitt. Bonus points were awarded for the fact that El Brad Pitt bears not the slightest physical resemblance to Brad Pitt.

Guzmán dethrones our previous titleholder Arturo "Big Buttcheeks" Villarreal Heredia, currently serving time in the US.

Until further notice, we wish to be addressed as "The George Clooney."


http://imustbecrazytoliveinmexico.blogspot.com/ said...

Dear George Clooney,
Or is El George Clooney? I dunno. You sorta look Goeorge Clooneyish.

Anonymous said...

Burro... i`ve always seen more as El Ricky Martin