Saturday, June 04, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* It really shouldn't be all that hard to figure out how many people in a small state kill themselves in any given month or year, but Querétaro officials seem to be having a hard time with it. Back in April, the head of the municipal anti-drug council announced that there had been 77 in January 2011 alone - four more than occurred in all of 2010. This was quickly debunked by the state Justice Dept, which put the number at 28 for the first four months of the year, or around seven per month. Now, a local legislator is insisting that there were 77 in the month of January 2010, just in the city (not the state) of Querétaro. And of course he's citing the same source, INEGI, that the first guy cited for the 77-in-Jan-2011 stat. We believe it's possible that Mexican statisticians are killing themselves in great numbers because of the way statistics are reported in the press here.

* Another day, another murderous shooting spree in the Failed State of Arizona. Rather shockingly, the shooter failed to use the Official State Gun, the Colt revolver, and can be fined as much as $100 per victim.

* We'll say this for FSoAZ cops, though: they're better shots than the Marines.


* Diaspora 2487 is a sonic artwork based on the names of 2487 people found dead along the US-Mexico border.

* Mexican regulators hit Carlos Slim with an $8 million fine, or roughly three hours salary for the man who made $20 billion last year.

* "A funny thing happened on the way to Mexico becoming another failed state. To wit, the 'failed state' boomed."

* To wit.

* Mexican Cartels Spread Violence to Central America. What kind of a twisted nation would do such a thing?

* They say there are no cartels operating in Querétaro, but we can't think of a better word to describe the chokehold that Grupo Modelo and Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma have on the city's beer supply. We wish every bar and restaurant owner would read the Beer and Records in Mexico City blog on a regular basis. C' a little.

* The Audacity of Hope: QRO has apparently, sent a letter to the federal government saying, hey, if you haven't nailed down a place to hold the G20 meeting you're hosting next year, maybe give us a call. Prompting the local rag to go with the banner headline "OBAMA COULD BE COMING HERE."

* Dept. of Shocking Accusations: Americans conspire to give money to drug cartels.

* News of a Kidnapping: Seems like every couple months we get an email asking us to be on the lookout for a missing little girl named Catherine Juliette García Martínez, even though she was found like eight years ago.

* Mexican tobacco farmers exploited as lobbyists by the companies that otherwise ignore them - a technique the industry first perfected in the US.

* We suppose we can imagine a Mexican politician coming to Querétaro and botching the Corriegidora's story as badly as failed former half-term governor and current resident of the Failed State of Arizona Sarah Palin botched the story of Paul Revere in Boston yesterday. Why we can't imagine is that politician being his party's presidential front-runner.

* Apocalypse 2012 Countdown: Popocatépetl spewing smoke and ash? Check.

* Unidentified objects hovering in the sky? Check.

* Just a reminder to vote early and often for "Querétaro" as the Most Awesomest Spanish Word Ever. We've more than doubled the number of votes in the last two days, and are closing in on "Libertad" and "Sueño," neither of which are the name of a place with 1.8 million potential voters.

* "Extreme drug war violence in the neighboring Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez is scaring U.S. teenagers off from bringing drugs over the border, once a common crime." Easily the most desperate attempt to find a silver lining we've ever seen.

* Barrios, Beats and Blood - hip-hop in Ciudad Juárez.

* Math is hard. Snark is easy.

* The Year of Mexico In France keeps chugging along...

* Speaking of which, who says America doesn't manufacture things anymore?

* Whimsical Mexican tornado video by Francis Alys.

* Another anchor baby scam.

* Mexico's "Vampire Woman" disses Lady Gaga for lack of outrageousness.

* The dwarf bullfighters could probably make a similar claim.


Anonymous said...

So Queretaro isn't going to miss Dr. Kavorkian?!? Personally I wish he were still around and could swing by El Paso briefly.

Charles Pergiel said...

This business about the drug wars and the booming economy is kinda weird. Would NAFTA have anything to do with the boom?

I am pleased to hear that the people appreciate the new president's efforts in fighting corruption. I wonder if he will have any success, or if it will last.

The Pemex deal illustrates my worst fears about making drugs legal. If we made drugs legal, what would all the drug dealers do for easy money? I was afraid they would resort to dumping hazardous waste, but I see there are still other opportunities out there that are not damaging to the environment.