Monday, June 20, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Our friends at the MexFiles could probably offer a more complete history of American meddling in Mexican elections, but a quick and informal poll of several friends and family members leads us to say with confidence that the Burro Hall community easily contributed more than 720 votes - the margin by which "Querétaro" was declared the Palabra Mas Fantastica del Universo. (Our Executive Editor's Dad is responsible for at least one-third of them.) (Click here to see various local officials call for a day of public celebration.) We'll let you know our picks for president in 2012 as soon as we meet with Mr. Soros.

* We were out of town when this happened, but the perro assured us he had nothing to with it.

* The year's only half over, but I think we can present the 2011 award for Most Offensive Medical Metaphor to PRI's Cristina Díaz Salazar, who joked that PAN in Querétaro is suffering from "political Parkinson's and Alzheimer's." We wish her a prolonged case of political uterine cancer - metaphorically speaking, of course.

* Is Jorge Castañeda a regular reader of Burro Hall? This column makes us think so. Or at least his assistant is.

* We usually find the reader comments on any online article about Mexico to be a foul cesspit of scum and stupidity, but the the way Gawker's readers produced this Bette Midler-themed riff from an article about horrific cartel murders has reaffirmed our faith in the internets.

* Via Gancho, it's hard to figure out whether the Mexican Agriculture Dept or the national soccer team are lying about the quality of Mexican meat.

* Querétaro's architecture isn't all adobe, you know.

* Matt Black's photos from Oaxaca in the NY Times.

* The Mija Chronicles goes shooting with Penny de los Santos, and comes back with the best shot of a wheelbarrow full of pigs' heads we've ever seen.

* This year's RFK Human Rights Award goes to Mexico's Abel Barrera Hernández.

* "I did not find a single story about how the drugs moved inside the United States, something that I found absurd, because people don’t buy the drugs off trucks at the border."

* We finally understand why the Failed State of Arizona insists the Feds crack down on cross-border drug trafficking: they don't want the competition. Frankly, we're sick of these Commie-Socialists using Big Government to stifle the free market.

* When FSoAZ Senator John McCain begins a sentence with. "There is substantial evidence..." that's a pretty good indication that there is no evidence whatsoever.

* Mexico asks Texas to tone down the hysterical travel warnings. Texas says no, and continues to sell military-grade ammunition to drug cartels. Which we guess means the travel warnings kinda make sense. Can't be too careful.

* Frequent commenter and amiga-del-blog Cheryl Arredondo gets some mainstream media attention, and a brand-new blog which makes us smile.

* Juárez's El Diario seems like a hard place to work.

* How bad Google translations beget more bad Google translations.

* Amealco, Querétaro, continues its reign as the most alcoholic municipality in Mexico. Salud!

* Geo-Mexico asks "How did Mexico get to be the world's 11th most populous country?" We assume the question is rhetorical.

* Querétaro's missing tank of deadly chlorine gas is found lying on the side of the highway, so, um, all's well.

* Micheladas... why summer was invented.

* Mexican cartels inexcusably taking advantage of American officials' venality, greed and corruption. These savages just refuse to play fair.

* The Week in Cheesecake: We got nuthin', but here's what the front page of our local paper looked like on day last week. We think that's Kim Kardashian.

* "Slut Walk" comes to Mexico, though it's not clear to us how anyone could tell.

* The Zetas appear to be merchandising. Drugs are a lot like rock n' roll, it seems: the t-shirt concessions are the sweetest plum.

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bob in exile said...

Via Gancho, it's hard to figure out whether the Mexican Agriculture Dept or the national soccer team are lying about the quality of Mexican meat.
Hey dude, we got better drugs in our meat than the USA does. You eat a BLT here and you get disqualified from a bicycle the states you get cancer or alzheimers.