Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sábado Gigante

* Once again we apologize for the sporadic posting. After working so hard to get visas for the interns to come work out of the New York office, we woke up yesterday to find they'd all run off and got gay-married. Jesus, guys, you could have done this a year and a half ago in Mexico City! Don't you read the papers? Anyway, now that it's official policy in NYC, we'll be pressing hard for gay marriage in Querétaro, though we think it's more likely to pass in Utah first.

* Anyone stuck in NYC and feeling homesick for Mexico should spend the day in Chinatown. The noise; the crowds; the way people saunter down the street, oblivious to the fact that people who walk normally may be trying to get past them; the cheap counterfeit goods for sale; the stunning variety of unusual, allegedly edible animal parts on display under conditions of dubious sanitation; the pervasiveness of religious figurines; the pushy old ladies who don't care that you were in line ahead of them, etc, etc. Muy mexicano.

* If we'd managed to get this post done on Sábado, we'd have been able to tell you to catch Gina Levay's photos of female bullfighters, but we didn't. So sue us.

* Instead, check out El Sur Experiment's Seven Deadly Sins as embodied by window-display mannequins. (Find all seven here.)

* Querétaro may soon have direct flights to Cancún, an airport which also has nonstop flights to Paris. So the local paper of course goes with the angle that QRO and Paris will soon be linked. Finally, an indirect way to get from one City of Lights to the other.

* We get all kinds of mail here at BH HQ, including a recent query from a woman considering moving here, who wanted to know if the city's water was hard or soft. We have to confess we don't actually know what those terms mean, but does anyone with superior understanding of el agua queretano want to answer this one for us?

* If you're planning to spend any time in what's left of the Failed State of Arizona, you might consider renting the failed half-term governor of Alaska's grandkid's unwed baby-mama's house, for just $1400 a month. The FSoAZ has never been more affordable!

* Blogs We Like: Via Aguachile, we liked what we saw in Border Line's convincing takedown of the self-proclaimed cartel "expert" Sylvia Longmire, but the post thanking John McCain for acknowledging immigrants are human made us a fan. The information that author Tom Barry "lives in a largely self-constructed passive-solar, strawbale home," doesn't move us one way or another.

* In the FSoAZ, Mexican banditos are (falsely) accused of starting fires. In Bushwick, Brooklyn, they put them out.

* Attention, budget-slashing Republicans: we've identified $90 billion in wasteful spending right here!

* We haven't read Burro Hall fan Jorge Casteñeda's Mañana Forever?, but it looks interesting.

* The Knights Templar are fast becoming the bitchin'est cartel in Mexico.

* Two Images of Mazatlán On Mid-Summer Evening At The Same Moment.

* The same site (MazReal) has a fantastic collection of Old Mexican Postcards.

* Pathetic statistic of the week: "The U.S. received nearly 19,000 asylum requests from Mexico since 2005, but granted asylum to just 319 petitioners between 2005 and 2010."

* This isn't Mexico-related, but Madrid's La Venencia may be our favorite bar in the world.

* Georgia is finally free of illegal immigrants! Please don't mind the smell of vegetables rotting in the fields.

* "The fact that we’ve managed to become a society that feels only fear in the face of people wanting to do the same thing our ancestors did — go someplace better to build a better life — is extremely sad."

* More evidence that climate change is a hoax.

* Tom Hanks dances with Univision's weatherbabe. Just because.

* Via Laura Martinez, this months Gente Latina magazine appears to have a cover story on how to send an email. Andale!

* The Week in Mexican Cheesecake: The George Clooney's former squeeze; 50 Cent's current one. Also "Stars Head to Mexico For Work and Pleasure," in case you were unaware.

* We imagine we'd have the same problem as Lesley, if anyone ever actually called us.

* Mexico nails another World Record For Something We Didn't Know Was Actually A World Record Category! This time, it's for the Most Parrots Born In Captivity In a Single Aviary In a Single Year. The number is 105, as if that would make any difference to you.

* Mexican Army Grenade Fail.


Anonymous said...

The water in Queretaro is hard, which means high on salts, that has pros and cons, pros, the water is good for health (drinking it) but bad for shower pipes since it covers them with salt, and affects hair.

Midwesterner in Mexico said...

Speaking of World Records For Something We Didn't Know Was Actually A World Record Category, I rushed to your blog after returning home w/the copy of Milenio I picked up on the flight back to see if you'd already covered the newly-set record that Mexico *helped* to break (I know, I know, it's not the same as breaking the record all by themselves, but just trust me) for # of Smurfs united worldwide at the same time.
Nothing I've found online tops the photo spread in the paper, but this video is pretty solid:

Burro Hall said...

We had the one remaining intern working on this for tomorrow. Thanks for lighting a fire under her ass.