Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Así Va el Barrio

This is the Old Corner Bookstore in Boston, "a 1718 building whose varied uses offer a unique window on the history of Boston’s commerce and culture."

The building was once the home of Puritan dissident Anne Hutchinson, who was expelled from Massachusetts in 1638 for heresy; in the 1830s, it became the headquarters of Ticknor & Fields, the publisher of the first editions of “The Scarlet Letter," “Uncle Tom’s Cabin," “Walden," and many other celebrated works.

Then the wops and the micks moved in, and the place went all to hell.

In later years its tenants were more run-of-the-mill retailers; at one point it was a lunch counter, then a men’s clothing store, and in the 1950s it hosted City Pizza, whose giant sign advertised “sliced crispy pizza" for 15 cents.

And now and the Reconquista enters its next phase, The Old Corner Bookstore will soon be.... a Chipotle. ¡Viva!


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A bit behind in the reading ... Anne Hutchinson got her day, and for many commuters, it is every day, 24/7. The Hutchinson River Parkway in Westchester is named for her. Oh yeah, it was designed to relieve the traffic on the Boston Post Road (US1). There's the connectivity, I guess.