Sunday, July 24, 2011

EXTRA!! Reporter Interviews Public Official! BREAKING....

Earlier in the week, our favorite local paper, Plaza de Armas celebrated its first anniversary with an EXCLUSIVE!!! interview with Governor José Calzada. In typical PdeA fashion, this was spread over two day, with both days featuring a front-page above-the-fold photograph of the reporter (who completely coincidentally, happens to be the publisher's son) interviewing hizzoner.

Stop the Presses! PdeA editor Sergio Venegas [left] and Gov. José Calzada [right].

Notwithstanding the fact that Calzada is not exactly a reclusive figure - the only way he could spend more time in the media spotlight is if he rigged the governor's house with webcams - PdeA wasted no time getting right down to the issues the readers care most about:

This interview in first anniversary issue of PLAZA DE ARMAS, which the reader is holding, has been a two-stage interview.

The first one was, on Monday, January 3. That day, this newspaper (the reporter, and photojournalist Fernando Venegas Demian Chávez), went to the el Palacio de la Corregidora to interview the governor.

"Sergio," he suddenly said to me without warning,"I'm going to have to postpone the interview....give me a few weeks and we'll do the interview again."...

"Well," I thought, "I'm going to have to go back to my office without the interview and without being able to publish the contents of the one-hour chat the governor had with PLAZA DE ARMAS. Too bad, but I promised. So we'll just keep it in the drawer for now."

Half a year later, we are back in this same office, with the same pictures, same furniture, but a better environment.

Etc, etc. No word yet whether the governor gave his regards Venegas's wife or children, but then we haven't read day two of the interview yet.

But we'll say once gain that Plaza de Armas is by far the best newspaper in town. Sigh.

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