Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Town, Summer In the City

The perro rides the Uptown 1 Train last night:

Heatwaves are apparently even worse when you're a 20-pound ball of gristle and fat wrapped in a fur coat.


casas en venta en miami said...

lol. funny picture!

Socio del Amigo del Loraxote said...

poor boo!

Anonymous said...

Hola. this is a historic video of the Atlantis gliding over Cancun en route to Florida

Anonymous said...

wow! that's the longest his tongue has been sticking out in any of his photos! he must have been really hot! gotta get one of those folding water bottles for dogs! like this kind:

(scroll down to "the gulpy") this kind works pretty well, my grand-doggy likes hers

Anonymous said...

So funny
Debt solution: Trade U.S. seniors for Mexico's workers
Debt solution: Trade our retirees for Mexico's workers.
Date published: 7/23/2011

Anonymous said...

"a XX-pound ball of gristle and fat wrapped in a fur coat."


That describes many of my mexican vecinos, jejejejejeje