Thursday, July 07, 2011

Miss Querétaro Preview (With Photos!)

There were important elections in Mexico this week - so important, we were afraid even to pay attention to them, for fear of not doing them justice. The headline is that 100 years from now, the years 2000-2012 will be known as "The PRI's brief sabbatical from power," but if you want more details, go here or here.

But if what you want is coverage of the upcoming election for Miss Querétaro 2011, you've come to the right place. With just a week to go until The Big Night, the only reportage we've seen is a brief piece in the local paper that merely lists the finalists' names. Even more surprising, given the potential appeal of such a thing, the Nuestra Belleza Querétaro organization doesn't even have a website.

They do, however, have a Facebook page, where you can find links to the individual finalists' pages - at least half of whom, owing either to the kind of openness we look for in beauty queen or the kind of technical ineptitude we expect, haven't configured the privacy settings on their photos. Here, then, is a sneak preview of some of the hopefuls:

Magaly Morales appears to be a talented violinist, or at least someone who enjoys posing seductively with instruments. If Miss Q featured a talent competition, our money would be on her, but it doesn't. Also, not that we have anything against foreigners (obviously), but since the winner will go on to compete for Miss Mexico, we think the fact that she's from Cuba ought to disqualify her. Odds: 12-1.

Elizabeth BriizueLa, who apparently really spells it that way, prepares to forfeit the swimsuit competition. Mitigating factor: she looks to be about six-foot-four. Odds: 5-1.

Adriana de Anda (right) is in it to win it in the "Hot Mess" category - which, regrettably, is not part of the competition. Her page contains probably a few too many unsecured pictures of an all-girls vacation to Puerto Vallarta last summer, especially when you remember that last years winner resigned in less than three weeks for what we continue to believe were sex-tape-related reasons. Odds: 25-to-life.

Our personal favorite though, is Sharon Enid, for the simple reason that we would love to see one of the most ardently Catholic states in Mexico represented by a practicing Mormon.  With two Mormons currently seeking the Republican nomination for US president and the Big Love finale pulling in impressive numbers, the time may be right for a Latter Day Saint. Odds: 3-2.

Sadly, we won't be in attendance on the Noche Grande, but from what we can see below, there's one hell of a milquetoast dance number involved.

[sorry, the video is no longer there]


El Cochino said...

Where are the bikini photos?

Burro Hall said...

Fourth one down.

Luis Gasca said...

I love sharon Enid, anyone knows how I can get in touch with her??