Friday, July 08, 2011

Nevermind the Alamo

Over the past few weeks we received a bunch of online petitions aimed at sparing Mexican citizen Humberto Leal García from execution. We didn't bother with any of them because it was clear that Leal's survival depended on Rick Perry pardoning an illegal alien rapist/child-murderer while trying to secure the Tea Party nomination for president. Sure enough...

In his last moments, Mr. Leal repeatedly said he was sorry, and shouted twice, “Viva Mexico!” The Associated Press reported.

So presumably July 7 is now a holiday in Mexico, and our street has been renamed Paseo Humberto Leal.

Despite our repeated complaints about the elementary school across the street from our offices, we here at Burro Hall have no great affection for child-killers. But in Leal's case, prosecutors failed to put him in touch with the Mexican consulate, as is his right under the Vienna Convention. As Americans living in a foreign country, we have somewhat self-interested reasons for wanting to see treaty obligations like this one enforced. As accident-prone and easily misunderstood Americans with a propensity for being in the wrong place at the wrong time living in a foreign country with a history of grievances against the US, an ability to hold grudges for centuries and a spectacularly dysfunctional and corrupt justice system... well, we kinda wish we'd known about Leal's case earlier so we could have busted him out of jail. Seriously, if you were arrested in Mexico, who would you rather talk to - your court-appointed lawyer, or the American embassy?

So, just a reminder to the Mexican authorities (who monitor this site with some regularity): your beef is with Texas, not the United States. When Governor Perry loses the presidential election (which he will - America has had more than enough none-too-bright-Texas-governor presidents in this century) he will presumably return home and make good on his promise to secede, at which point you can invade it, take it over, and hand it over to the cartels in exchange for them leaving Mexico. The support of the American expat blogosphere will be critical, and you don't want to undercut that by, say, executing a bunch of us without due process, now do you?

Update: Seriously, you do not want to be jailed in another country without your embassy fighting really, really hard for you.

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Anonymous said...

I really don´t know how to explain what I feel about all this... I know we all have rights, but in this specific case I don´t think I´m sorry for him; I´m sorry for the girl he killed.
I know it´s a matter of international agreements but he was guilty, and I´m glad he can´t hurt any other girl anymore.
I´m mexican, and i live in Mexico, so don´t think i´saying this because i´m antiimigrant. I´m just sick of people like him, and I´m sick of any other criminal, drug-dealer, etc.
If someone commits a crime, here in Mexico or outside, I hope law punishes them, and if they don´t want to have such bad luck to not be defended the way they should, then don´t put yourself in that kind of risk in the first place. If you don´t want to be judged in a place in which death is an option, then don´t behave like you deserve it.